Bring your friends to Scoot!

10 out of 10 scoots agree: scooting with friends is the best! So we made bringing new folks to Scoot better than ever.

Scoot members can invite their friends to join for FREE! Once a friend you invited takes their first ride, you’ll get a free ride!

How it works:
Once you’re a Scoot member, you’ll get a unique code. Find it in the app under ‘Free Invites‘ and share it with the world. With this code, your friends can join Scoot for FREE and they’ll get 2 hours of riding on us! Whenever a friend takes their first ride, you’ll get an hour of free scooting to use however you like. Invite enough folks, and you’ll be scooting free forever.


More info:
• The locals-only deal is free with a Scoot member promo code.
• New riders from out of town signing up for the 2-Day Pass (normally $79) will get $25 off.

• Your code is unlimited. You can invite as many friends to Scoot as you want: your roommate, your cousin, your mom, everyone.



Not a member of Scoot yet? Send this email to one of your friends already on Scoot and ask them to invite you!


Find Your Code!Get a code from your friend (email them)!