What is Scoot?

Shared, electric scooters you can ride anywhere in San Francisco.

Scoot gets you wherever you need to be.

Scoots are as fast as taxis, as cheap as the bus, and as fun as your bike. Scoot gives you the freedom to get where you want, when you want, and to park right in front of your destination.

No motorcycle license needed.

Our vehicles are all electric and you don’t need a motorcycle license to ride scoots! Hop on a scoot in one part of SF, ride wherever you’re going, and leave it wherever you end up.

Why don’t you need a motorcycle license? Scoots have a maximum speed of 30 MPH – plenty for the city, but not in the same category as a motorcycle.

What are these little red vehicles we call scoots?

Scoots are electric mopeds and mini cars. They go up to 30 mph and have 20-25 miles range. Our mini cars (called quads) go 25 mph and have 40 miles of range. They recharge at special Scoot Spots all over town. You turn them on with the Scoot app, available for iOS, Android, and any mobile browser. They are incredibly easy and fun to ride!

What do people use Scoot for?

You can commute, run errands, go exploring, meet your friends for dinner, go to the beach, deliver presents…the possibilities are endless. Every day we hear stories about new ways people are using Scoot. How do folks use Scoot? What happens around Scoot HQ? Read all our stories here »

Want to learn more?

Learn more about our fleet of scooters, check out our prices, and learn how to scoot.