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Scoot hires from the community and offers a comprehensive job training program for mechanics.  We accept all levels and teach from the ground up. Join our program to turn your passion for wrenching into qualified mechanical skills.

Training levels

The four levels of training include:

  • Fleet Driver: Battery swapping, vehicle inspection and diagnosis in the field.
  • Field Service Technician: Vehicle diagnosis and repairs in the field + basic tech training.
  • Shop Mechanic: Basic vehicle repairs in the shop + advanced tech training.
  • Shift Supervisor/Lead Mechanic: Advanced vehicle repairs in the shop + senior tech training.

Who should apply?

Everyone. If you’re crafty, have a history hacking nintendos, rode dirt bikes as a kid, or fix your own bicycle, we want to talk to you.

What’s included?

Scoot employs a team of full-time employees. Everyone receives a salary, benefits and paid vacation. Company culture is at the core of Scoot.

How do I apply?

To see a full listing of roles and apply, please visit

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