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Why Barcelona?

June 8th, 2018

This week we launched our first European city in Barcelona, Spain with a multi-modal fleet of 500 shared, high-performance electric scooters, and 1,000 custom, shared electric bicycles.

“We are excited to finally bring Scoot to Europe, and to demonstrate how shared electric vehicles are the most valuable and the most scalable form of urban mobility,” says Michael Keating, Scoot CEO and founder.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona marks the next step in Scoot’s mission of Electric Vehicles for Everyone, and was selected as its second city because of its

  • vibrant motorbike and bicycle culture,
  • beautiful weather,
  • and forward-thinking local government.

While Barcelona has always had a strong scooter culture, the city has also invested heavily in bicycle infrastructure, including extensive dedicated bike lanes and bike racks.

What’s the bigger picture?

In the past, cities relied on their bus and subway systems to move them around. As technology has evolved, people expect to get from A to B on their own time and schedule, and can now do that with the power of the smartphone in their pocket.

Just as we no longer step into phone booths on the street to make a call, we no longer need to rely on outdated public transportation to get where we need to go. By launching in Barcelona this month, Scoot is expanding its network of people it can serve, and expanding imaginations with a new form of transportation that makes getting around more healthy, quiet, affordable, social and fun.

There is a profound transformation in mobility happening and Scoot is leading the way with its launch into Europe.

Where next?

As part of its global expansion, Scoot will be adding 500 scooters to its San Francisco fleet this summer and expanding to additional cities in Europe over the next year.