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What's it really like to Scoot Quad?

October 22nd, 2015

What’s it like to ride a Scoot Quad? It’s pretty great.  But don’t take our word for it — take Will’s! Read below how one member of Scoot Nation felt in a quad this past weekend.



Hi Sophie,

Just wanted to say that I took out the Quad today, and it was AWESOME. Talk about a lovely Sunday drive experience . . . my fiancee Liz asked me why I was renting one, and I said, “What do you mean? To DRIVE it. On a Sunday. Sunday driving.” 🙂

I dropped by the homes of several of my friends, took them for a ride. Took both of my kids for a ride. Ran several errands I did not know I needed to run. While on the road, Liz (who hung out in the back seat for 2 + hours) and I waved to several hundred smiling, waving, thumbs-up folks, and had our picture taken dozens of times. At some point Liz said, “I feel like I’m the guest of honor in a parade!”

People asked us so many questions. Including my favorite . . . “You can RENT this?” I allowed at least 10 people (I think more) to sit inside it, open and close the fabulous doors.

Many thanks for making the Quad a reality in SF.