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Version Two of the Kicks is Here!

February 26th, 2019

Starting this week, we’ll be rolling out the second iteration of our kick scooters along with some improvements to the ride experience. Here’s what is new in V2 of the Kicks:

LED indicator lights

There are three states that the lights will be in:

Solid blue: Means the scoot is available

Orange: Means the scoot is reserved by another rider

Red: Means the scoot is unavailable

QR codes 

We’ve finally added QR codes to our kick scooters! Instead of searching for the vehicle on the map, you can now simply scan a QR code and get riding!

A Softer Ride

We’ve added tires that have a little bit of give and back suspension to ensure that even the bumpiest of roads will feel like a cloud compared to our older kicks.

A high tech infrastructure lock

All of our new kicks will have an updated infrastructure lock. It’s similar to the high-tech one on our older models but a bit more robust and the locking mechanism is located on the front instead of the side.

Have you ridden a new kick?! Let us know what you think