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Trooth by Scoot

April 1st, 2017

Facts are great, but sticking to them can be hard.

Introducing Trooth, the new offering from Scoot. Trooth is a convenient way to use facts without the burden of owning them. We call these short-term facts “trooths”.

Choose a trooth using the Trooth app. Run with it for just a few minutes or keep it for the whole day. When it’s no longer convenient, let it go and let someone else pick it up.


You can use Trooth for anything:
Trooth allows you to be right even when, without Trooth, you would definitely be wrong.
Trooth lets you make someone who is right think they’re wrong, and make them question the very meaning of “right” and “wrong”.
You can even use Trooth on yourself. You look great in that, by the way.

Q: Do I need to have a special license to use Trooth?
A: Hardly! In fact, Trooth can help you “have a license” to do a lot of things you aren’t qualified to do.

Q: Is Trooth safe?
A: Is anything safe? Yes.

Q: What about insurance?
A: Trooth has you covered with a $1M libel policy.

Trooth: Facts. Unchecked.