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The New Scoots Are Here!

June 23rd, 2016

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the moment we add hundreds of new Scoots to the fleet, and the great Scoot Drought of 2016 finally ends.

New scoots are on the road right now — find one in the app and ride! And it gets better: from now on, we’ll be adding 100 new Scoots to our fleet every month, forever.

Cue confetti cannon and keys to the city from the mayor.


From now on, every month we’ll add 100 new Scoots to the fleet. #NewScoots have landed!

What are the new Scoots all about?

The new Scoots are the best scooters yet: they’re zippy like the Classics, but like the Cargos, they have lots of space to carry things. And they’re pretty to look at, too:


Riding the new Scoots is easier than ever: they don’t have keys and they connect to your phone’s Bluetooth. Simpler scooting FTW!

How do you charge the new Scoots?

We’ve upgraded all our parking garages so the new Scoots can plug in. The red cords are for charging new Scoots. The blue cords are for Classics, and the Cargos charge by plugging their own black cord into an available outlet.

Want to ride a new Scoot? Of course you do.

Open the app and watch a few short videos about what’s new and different. Or watch the videos online right here »

In the app, the new Scoots have a different icon. It looks like this:


Don’t fret: you can always visit Scoot School in the app to watch any of our videos again, or visit Scoot Support to learn more.

Spread the word — #NewScoots are here!

When you find yourself on a new Scoot, snap a photo, share it online with #NewScoots, and tag us in your post. We want to see where you take the new Scoots!

Oh and guess what? It’s just $5 to join Scoot right now. Get all your friends scooting — it’s summer and time to ride!