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Steve uses Scoot to get to work at a bakery

January 16th, 2017

Steve lives in the Inner Richmond and works at a neighborhood bakery in the Mission. He’s a pastry chef and has to be at work around 4am each morning. When he first started at the bakery, he took the bus each day and had to transfer. At his early start time, buses are scarce and if he missed the first one, he missed the transfer, and had to take a cab.

Soon after starting job, Steve was walking between bus stops and saw a scoot parked at a curb. He saw the rate on the helmet box and realizing that it was around the same price as the bus, signed up that day.
“It was join Scoot or buy a bike,” he said. After riding a bike in the Financial District for his old job, he explained, “I feel safer on a scoot because it can go faster and keep up with traffic”.

Steve has a Scoot garage close to his house and loves that he can easily park in another garage or on the street in the Mission around work. He said Scoot works better for him than ZipCar because it’s all one-way trips.

Doing the math, Steve said it saves him about 45 minutes each way, every day, to scoot instead of take the bus. For him, “Scoot is the most streamlined way to get places”.

His favorite thing about Scoot is not having to worry about being at a bus stop or dealing with folks on the bus. To put it simply: “It’s reserved for you in advance, you find it, you go, and it’s rare that you have to figure out where to park. It’s A to B. There’s no hassle and it’s in my control.“


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