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Seven Scoot Skills to Master

February 15th, 2017

Before you take your first real ride, you should focus on mastering the basic ride skills. We’ve broken out the initial steps of riding into seven simple moves. 

1.Keep hands on brakes – Always keep your hand on the brakes. There’s a lot going on out there in the streets and this ensures you will be ready to stop quickly and safely.


2. Get the scoot off the center stand – Straddle the scoot and push forward in one swift motion, you’ll feel the centerstand release, leaving you with the weight of the scoot. Once the centerstand releases, there will be a lot of weight–so get ready to keep your balance.


3. Get steady – Get steady, adjust your mirrors and have a seat, leaving one or both feet on the ground. Take the time to feel the scoot beneath you.


4. Do the duck walk – You’re going to walk the bike forward using your feet to move you and the scoot forward. This “duck walk” will give you a good feel of the scoot’s weight as it moves and is a great skill for getting out of tight parking places. 

5. Use the throttle to get some speed – Once you’ve walked the bike without any throttle you’re going to give it some power. First hit the go button, that’s the red pulsing button on the right handlebar. Once it’s solid, the throttle is live. When you’re ready, slowly pull back on the throttle and the bike should move forward. As the scooter gains speed it will balance out and you can pick up your feet.


6. Do the reverse duck walk – When you are parking your scoot, either on a curb or in a garage, you’ll always want to reverse it into the spot. To do this, you’re going to “reverse duck walk”. Keeping your hands on the brakes, move to the front of the seat, use your feet to push the scoot backwards, and make sure to check behind you for any obstacles.

7. Get the scoot back on the centerstand – Once you’ve backed in the scoot, you’re going to put it on the centerstand. Turn your hips toward the left side of the scoot. Put your left hand on the left brake, and your right hand on the handle near the helmet box. If you don’t have a handle, place it under the red body of the scoot.


Put your right foot on the centerstand, holding the brake and the scoot steady. Once the scoot is steady, push down with your right foot until you feel the centerstand engage. Push down and back with your right foot, and up and back with right hand. Use the weight of your body, not your strength to do this.

This is the easiest and most effective way to get the scooter onto it’s centerstand – you shouldn’t have to use too much strength! Once you get the feel, it will be easy – we promise. 


Great work! Now you know some of the most challenging parts of riding a scoot – handling the bike itself. Practice these skills on repeat and then try out one of our beginner rides to build your confidence. You’re right on track!