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Scooty Tips From the Pros

August 17th, 2016

Scooting is hot! San Franciscans scoot to work, parks, movies, dinners, friends’ houses, you name it- someone has scooted there. With all of this scooting happening, we’ve receive a lot of tips from the pros and decided to share some of them with our awesome riders (you!). Read on and learn how to make your Scoot trips as easy and fun as they are for those of us that ride everyday.

scoot smart

1. Finding a scoot for your morning ride: If you live in a neighborhood where the #ScootCommute is popular, check the app and reserve a scoot a bit earlier to ensure there is one available!

2. Street parking is easy! If you’ve accidentally parked in a zone that has street cleaning within 48 hours fret not. Just look for parking on the other side of the street! Most of the time the other side is cleaned a different day.

3. The mileage counter at the top right of your screen displays how much range your scoot has. If it says 4 miles, it can go 4 miles. Make sure to plan your route accordingly and set up a swap if necessary.

4. Need to go 4 miles on a scoot with only 4 miles of range? Go for it! Riding a scoot down to 0 miles is A-OK. Just make sure you end your ride at a garage and plug in so it gets all charged up for the next person!

5. Getting a scoot with a full charge: If none of the scoots near you have enough battery to get you where you want to go, ride a scoot with a low battery to a Scoot garage en-route to your destination and swap it for a scoot with a full charge!

6. Groceries Galore: Strap the extra helmet to the side of your scoot for a bit more cargo space. Don’t forget to put it back in the helmet box when leaving a scooter unattended!

7. Stay safe in wet conditions: If it’s foggy or rainy outside, road paint (like crosswalks), train tracks, and metal grates can be extra slippery. Ride over them smoothly, without accelerating or braking. Read more about riding in the rain.

8. BUCKLE UP! Your helmet will only work if you have the chin strap securely fastened.

9. San Francisco’s weather can be temperamental: Even if it feels warm in your neighborhood, the breezy ride might be a little chillier than expected. Always consider bringing a windbreaker and gloves for a more comfortable ride.

10. Plan your route ahead of time: Stopping midway to figure out where you’re going is distracting and time consuming.

  • Planning a long ride? Select “avoid highways” in your navigation preferences for a scoot-friendly route across the city!
  • Want to avoid massive hills? Select the bicycle route option for a path with fewer inclines. (Remember, you are not a bike. No scoots in bike lanes, please!)