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Great Hikes You Can Scoot to

August 19th, 2016

San Francisco is a hike lover’s paradise. At every corner of the city there is a stunning hike waiting to be discovered. Bring a pal or your favorite water bottle and scoot to one of these hikes to become one with nature for a couple of hours.

1. Bernal Heights Park Trail: 1 Mile

Bernal heights park

This easy loop goes around the tip of Bernal Heights and offers wonderful 360 degree views of the city. The SF skyline to the bay, the Golden Gate bridge, and Sutro tower are just a few of the the things you’ll see up here. Can you locate your house? What about your favorite Scoot parking garage? If you’re lucky there will be a swing you can play on and a labyrinth to balance your energy!

2. Mount Sutro Loop: 2 Miles

Mount sutro

You don’t need to drive out of the city to feel like you’re in a forest. Mount Sutro loop is a foliage dense hike in the middle of San Francisco with a wide diversity of plants and animals. Go on a spring day and enjoy the wonderful variety of blooming flowers or bring some binoculars and spend some time birdwatching. See how many wood carvings you can find- there is a small totem pole, a chair, and a pinecone all carved out of tree stumps.

3. Land’s End Trail: 3.6 Miles

Land's end

A staple in the SF book of things to do, Land’s end begins as a tourist destination but quickly becomes secluded as you head into the actual hike. This loop gives you a little bit of everything: forest to beach, amazing views of Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro baths, and plenty of little routes to get you off the beaten path.

4. Glen Canyon Park: 2 Miles


Glen Canyon Park is a 70 acre space preserve along a beautiful canyon. Let your inner child out and run around the large open fields or (safely) climb the huge rocks littered along the paths. Rumor has it there are also edible plants and berries that will pique your curiosity. Explore all the trails and by the end of the day you’ll have forgotten that you are in the middle of a city!

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