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Scoot's Cold Weather Fashion tips!

January 5th, 2018

Winter is here. Although a little chill isn’t going to stop anyone from riding to work, being comfortable (warm) is our number one priority. And who knows warm better than those of us who ride every day? We caught a few employees looking warm around the office to offer you a bit of inspiration for your winter scoot rides!


Move over, Karl! Jasmine is wearing her favorite touchscreen gloves, a windproof jacket, and waterproof shoes. Her outfit looks and feels great in any occasion and the matching scarf and backpack duo goes everywhere she does!


Santiago shows it’s easy to be trendy and warm this season with his ski jacket, glove liners, and beanie from Topo Designs. Under his pants are long johns that keep his legs protected from the wind even though his pants have holes. Weird that he bought them that way, right?


Heidi is sporting her favorite IKEA rain poncho and rain boots over her dress. When she gets to work all she has to do is take off the poncho and change into sneakers and she is a happy camper!


Terry is ready for the office. His scarf keeps him warm while riding but he doesn’t have to change or shed any layers as he is walking in the door. Terry says that neutral tones are in this season!


Sierra is ready for a long day of scooting! Her down jacket keeps her warm and dry when she needs it and when she doesn’t, it balls up into a bag the size of her fist. She says her duck boots are perfect in case she encounters a puddle too big to step over.


This look is monochromatic and simple. Underneath Polo’s ski shell is a long-sleeve thermal keeping him nice and cozy. He’s also sporting long socks for added warmth. Stylish and dry is Polo’s specialty.


Rain or shine, Matt is extra comfortable in his Levis commuter pants and loose fitting waterproof jacket. The reflective cuffs and shoes add an extra layer of safety, too.