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Scoot at the Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago

March 30th, 2018

Over March 12th through the 14th, 2018, Scoot joined 600 of the world’s transportation and policy leaders at the Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago to discuss the challenges and opportunities of bringing shared mobility to cities around the world.

Scoot’s General Manager for San Francisco, Bob Walsh, was invited to speak on the panel discussing, “How New Bikesharing and Scooter-Sharing Technologies are Transforming Streets”. Also on the panel were Jacob Mason, Global Research Manager, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy as well as leaders from other transportation and shared vehicle providers.

Bob spoke about working with the City of San Francisco, how Scoot develops best practices for incentivizing good behavior in riders, and the future of shared mobility in cities. On the topic of equity and Scoot’s vision of fast, affordable mobility for everyone, Bob was quoted by Jeff Wood from The Overhead Wire saying, “You don’t have to be rich to be in a hurry”.













Photo credit: National Shared Mobility Summit. More photo of the event here

The three days were full of discussion on the future role of ride-hailing companies, automation, the changing role of parking, guidelines for bike and scooter sharing, new models for car sharing, and the role of cities in developing sensible regulation. Here are SUMC Executive Director Sharon Feigon’s thoughts on some of the most important takeaways from the 2018 National Shared Mobility Summit.

The Shared Mobility Expo, with over 20 exhibitors and sponsors, was a major draw for conference attendees. Scoot hosted a booth in partnership with one of our vehicle providers, GenZe, and displayed our multi-modal service that includes scooters and e-bikes, which are launching a first instance in Barcelona in April of 2018.

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