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Cash Pay For All Riders

December 20th, 2019

We believe that everyone should have access to equitable and accessible transportation. Our teams at Scoot have been working on an improved payment option for Scoot Kick riders, which we’re pleased to announce starts rolling out today. ❤️⚡

Introducing, cash pay.

Scoot riders will now have the convenience of stopping by a network of participating retail locations (ex. CVS Pharmacy & 7-Eleven) to pay in cash for Scoot Kick rides. We’re proud to be the first San Francisco operator to offer this complimentary and flexible option to all riders, regardless of whether they’re on our low-income Community Plan.

“We are pleased to announce an upgraded cash payment option for our riders who do not have a credit or debit card. Cash payment is essential to our commitment to providing affordable and fast transportation for everyone.” – Scoot’s Founder and President, Michael Keating

How does it work? Paying with cash is simple.

  • Visit one of the 89 participating CVS or 7-Eleven locations in San Francisco.
  • From the Payment menu item, select Add Cash, and show the barcode to the cashier.
  • Select a cash amount to add to your account and check out. 
  • Happy riding!