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Say hello to Scoot Quad

October 20th, 2015

On Saturday, October 17th we announced something big.

It’s got four-wheels and two-seats and it’s called a Scoot Quad.

Still small, adorable, and electric, the Scoot Quad is our latest addition to the Scoot Family.Scoot Quad


To celebrate, we had a party! Huge thanks to the 300+ people who showed up, ate delicious grilled cheese by the Grilled Cheese Guy and listened to great tunes from Vanwave! Scoot Nation, you rule.

Adding the Quads is a big deal for us here at Scoot HQ. Scoot isn’t just about about scooters anymore. Anything electric and small can be part of Scoot. Altogether lots of shared, light electric vehicles mean fewer cars on city streets.

We’re excited to have Quads in our fleet, and to see what San Franciscans do with four wheels and two seats all around town! We think adding Quads to the fleet will expand how our members think about, and use Scoot in their daily lives.


There are 10 Quads on the road right now. We’re rolling out access to Scoot members gradually over the next few weeks. Want to ride one? The more you scoot the sooner you’ll get access to the quads!

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