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Meet Ryan Carl, scoot-extraordinaire!

September 30th, 2015

This is Ryan. He joined Scoot one day. A few days later he sent us this letter:

“A housemate recently told me about Scoot, and I can honestly say it has transformed my whole perception of San Francisco. I’ve only been here a month, and have been feeling overwhelmed by how big this small city actually is. Without having a car in the city and with Uber being so expensive, I haven’t explored nearly as much (or as far) as I’d like.

My friend begged me to go to the inaugural lesson with her so she wouldn’t have to go by herself. I agreed. As I was sitting in my first Scoot lesson, I started to realize how big of an opportunity Scoot is. The ability to go anywhere in the city, at any time, so cheaply, and so incredibly fun. It hadn’t occurred to me until that moment that your service literally enables people to get out of their neighborhood and experience and explore the city as a whole. An invaluable experience.

In 2 days, I Scooted over 50 miles of the city. From Bernal Heights, to Glen Park, Forest Hill, the Sunset District, Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths, the Presidio, Baker Beach, the Marina, Piers, Financial District, Soma, and the Mission. Many of the places I had only heard about. My brain has been exploding with inspiration. Our perception of San Francisco is so heavily contingent upon the neighborhoods we spend the majority of our time in. I love being able to contextualize the city better as a whole now, and the exploration has only just begun.

I believe in Scoot so much. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a company.”

Then he sent this photo and we all swooned: