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Scoot's Rider Promise

November 4th, 2019

Scoot’s Rider Promise has arrived and we can’t wait to introduce you! 

Scoot’s promise is to give you the quickest, (most fun), and incredibly convenient ways to get around the city. Now, we would like you to join us in promising to San Francisco that we will keep our streets and sidewalks safe!

Starting this week, we’re inviting you, our riders, to join us in promising to share the San Francisco streets and do your part to keep sidewalks clear! Each rider will see an in-app message asking them to make that promise with us. 

Our rider promise will also include tips on how to safely ride and properly park (because you can never have too many reminders) 🙂 

Help us keep the San Francisco streets and sidewalks safe for all! Join the Scoot community by committing to:

  1. Ride Scoots in the bike lane or along the right curb
  2. Lock Scoot kicks to bike racks at the end of your ride


We look forward to making every ride a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!