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How to ride a Kick scooter

October 30th, 2018

Riding a kick scooter isn’t hard, but like all new things, They take a little time to get used to, here are a few tips you can use before, during and after your ride to make sure you’re always riding your best.

Before your ride:

Locate the scooter in the app and walk to it. Once you’ve got your eyes on it, tap the “unlock for a dollar” button in the app. This will disengage the lock. Pull out the pin, unwrap the cable from the infrastructure, and firmly reinsert the pin. The scooter should now be on. Double check that the brakes work by rolling the scooter forward a bit and squeezing the brake.

During your ride:

Roll your kick off the bike lane into the street. The throttle will not work until your kick is rolling, so kick off and then apply the throttle gently. While you’re riding, keep the break covered with at least three fingers. You want to be ready to break at any moment. Maintain an athletic stance while riding with your knees bent and your eyes on the road looking a few seconds ahead. Always keep an eye out for hazards like potholes, trash, or big cracks in the road. Remember, never, ever ride your kick scooter on a sidewalk

When you’ve arrived at your destination:

Pull over somewhere safe and walk your scooter up the curb. Locate a bike rack or other infrastructure where you can responsibly secure your scoot. Open the app and tap “stop” and “end ride,” the lock will now disengage. Wrap it around a piece of infrastructure, reinsert the pin and your scooter will turn off. Hooray, your ride is officially over!

If you followed all of these steps, you just had a successful Kick ride, congratulations! They say that practice makes perfect 😉 and soon enough you’ll be an expert rider!