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How to be a pro parker - and prevent a $5 fee!

April 13th, 2021

The locks on our scooters work great to keep them out of the way and ready for the next rider. With spring in the air, we want to share our updated guidelines for safely parking and ending your ride.

When parking your scooter:

  • Do lock the scooter securely. Vehicles should be upright, parallel to the bike rack, and within the footprint of the bicycle racks. They should not block the path of travel, access to other street furniture or amenities, or hang over the curb into the street.
  • Do not lock your scooter to another vehicle on the rack. That’s no fun for anyone! 
  • Do make sure to take your required complete ride end photo. This helps us to ensure that you did your scooty duty and parked like a pro. 

Update: To ensure we’re all doing our part and remembering the rules, we are adding a small $5 fee for anyone who does not take a ride end photo showing their scooter securely locked to a bike rack. Please help us to ensure the sidewalks remain clear for everyone by parking your scooter properly at a bike rack. 

Thanks, riders!