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Improving your ride with choices

September 12th, 2017

Introducing the newest and coolest Scoot feature: Plan My Trip.

Enter your destination and the app will show you:

  • The 3 closest scoots that will get you to your destination
  • Range & price options, with opportunities to save money
  • The 3 best parking options at your destination
  • And best of all… a price estimate for your ride


















With a feature that allows you to choose the most convenient route or the best price, there will be no more wondering which scoot to take, where to park or how much your ride will cost.

Scoot has always been the best way to get around town. Now we can help you plan your trip from start to finish, taking into account what you value most, so all you need to do is enjoy the ride.


Why is Plan My Trip awesome?
The new search bar lets you pick your destination from the start.
Then you’ll see a selection of scoots closest to you with the right amount of juice for your journey.
Last, we present the best parking options for you at your destination, so you don’t have to think about anything except riding!

Are prices increasing?
Most rides will stay the same price. But starting today you get to choose your price in advance. Rides that select the convenience of ending on the street will cost a little more. Taking scoots with less than 10 miles to a garage will cost less. Scoots with low battery are FREE!

How do I know which scoot to choose?
The estimated price and range are always displayed, allowing you to tell at a glance which scoot is best for you.

What about “free” scoots?
There is no more “free” icon, but there are still free rides. Look for “$ off” or low battery icons on the map.

What if I don’t have a destination?
Plan My Trip is just an option. You can always pick up a scoot and go on a joy ride!

So if the estimated price I see displayed is for the first 30 minutes, what happens after that?
Same as before: it’s just 10¢/minute after that. That’s why it’s only an estimate of the final price. Sometimes you’re having so much fun you just want to keep riding.