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How to park perfectly in all situations.

November 6th, 2017

On the surface, parking your scoot can seem complicated, but once you understand the nuances of each scenario, parking can be the fastest part of your trip.

The first step in parking perfectly is to figure out a game-plan. We suggest pulling over somewhere safe, examining the street to determine a suitable place to leave your scoot within the blue zone, and letting traffic pass before backing into the parking spot you’ve chosen. Step #2 is to take your time backing up and making sure you’re parked somewhere legally. Once your scoot is on the center stand, remember to put the helmets back in the cargo box before ending your ride.

Here’s a visual list of the most common parking scenarios you will encounter when riding a scoot and how to park in each of them.

Metered or unmetered motorcycle parking

Parking at a designated motorcycle spot is probably the easiest and scootiest parking option. Just park right in the middle of the two lines with your back tire as close as you can to the curb.

On a medium sized curb

If you’re parking at a curb that’s big enough for a couple of motorcycles but not big enough for a car, park as close to the edge as possible without going into the red part of the curb. This way, another bike can easily share the curb.

On a small curb

If you’re parking on a tiny curb, Line your scoot up as close to the middle as you can. Make sure you’re not blocking either driveway. If you are even a little unsure, park somewhere else.

At the end of a long curb

If you’re parking in a neighborhood, the end of a long curb is a very friendly place to park. Give yourself about a foot and a half from the nearest driveway and as much space as possible from the next car over. If the end of the curb is so close to a car that they won’t be able to get out, park somewhere else.

On a long curb in between cars

In this situation, Do not park in the middle of the curb. Instead, leave room for a third car by parking an arm’s length from one of the two cars. Remember to always park the back tire of the scoot as close to the curb as you can.

At a meter in between two cars

Line up your scoot perfectly in the middle of the “T” and Make sure you’ve given both cars sufficient room to get out. Never park at colored curbs and don’t worry about paying the meter, we’ve got that one covered for you :]

In a garage

This one’s easy! Make sure you always park in between two red lines, back-in, and plug in!

Being considerate of our neighbors is very important to us. So please, do your part and always park in a friendly way. Want a free ride? Take a picture of your #PerfectlyParkedScoot and send it to us on Twitter and we’ll give you a free ride!

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