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Perfect parking with PARKED

May 31st, 2018

When a scoot is parked incorrectly, we often have to send a team member to check on it before that scooter can be rented again. This takes that scooter out of the rotation and makes it harder for everyone to get where they need to go. Do yourself and the rest of the Scoot community a favor and make sure you’re always parked perfectly so there can always be plenty of scoots for everyone to enjoy! We’ve come up with a handy little acronym to help make sure you’re always P.A.R.K.E.D. perfectly.

Park by backing in. We like to softly tap the curb behind us and roll on the throttle just enough to go forward about a foot. This technique makes it so you’re at a perfect distance from the curb every time!

Arm’s length. When parking between two cars, make sure that they are at least an arm’s length away. If you park too close to a car, they’ll have a hard time exiting their parking spot.

Read all the signs. Don’t just look for street cleaning signs. Make sure you’re not parked at a painted curb, at an SFMTA construction towing zone, in front of a garage, or anywhere else that can get the scoot ticketed or a towed.

Keep the scoot in perfect condition. Close the phone dock, take all your things out of the helmet box, and don’t forget to put your helmet away before ending your ride.

End your ride so that billing stops and the scoot can be made available for another rider!


If you’ve completed all of these steps, congratulations, your scoot is parked perfectly! You can walk away with the assurance that your scoot will wait safely for another rider to take it to the next destination!

Want more safety tips? Check out Scoot’s Safety Guide