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Street Parking 101

July 13th, 2017

Starting and ending your ride takes practice. You need to get comfortable with the center stand, parking on hills, and remembering street cleaning. This can feel like a lot in the beginning, but trust us, with practice, it will become as natural as remembering your bus schedule or to lock your front door. Here are the basics for parking on the street:

Blue zones: Check in your app for areas shaded blue. These are places where you can end your ride on the street (as opposed to in a garage). You can find these blue zones across the city in neighborhoods and downtown.

Parking in neighborhoods: To ensure you don’t take spots away from cars, the best place to park is at small “curblets” between driveways or at the end of a row of cars. Always make sure to leave 2 feet of space between vehicles and to never block a driveway.

Parking between metered car spots: You are now able to park between metered car spots without paying either meter (Scoot pays for an annual permit for you!). Make sure you park perfectly on the “T” between the two spots (see image above), that the curb isn’t painted for handicapped parking or loading zones, etc., and that you read all street cleaning and tow-away signs.

Parking at metered motorcycle spots: You can also park in motorcycle meters without paying extra (we pay the annual permit for these too!). Always take just one spot, be respectful of the bikes on either side of you and double check that the spot is within a blue zone.

Street cleaning: Always read all street signs when parking. If the next street cleaning is within 24 hours you will not be able to end your ride on that side of the street. Pro tip: The opposite side of the street usually has a different street cleaning day.

Parking process: Back your scoot into the curb so the front wheel is facing out (see image above). Ensure the scoot is safely on the center stand and the helmets are put away in the box. Click through the end-ride checklist and you’re good to go.


Remember: When in doubt, park elsewhere. It’s not worth the risk and hassle of a ticket or tow ⚡️