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Outside Lands and Scoot, a Match Made in Festival Heaven

August 4th, 2016

Outside Lands is this weekend! Get ready for rompers, parkas, and the worst traffic ever — not to mention serious surging on your favorite ride sharing app. Unless of course, you ride a scoot!

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How to be a good festival scooter
– Look for parking on Lincoln or Fulton. There should be space for your scoot there and it’s close to the entrance.
– Park legally at least two feet from any driveway or vehicle
– Read parking signs, enter the correct street cleaning info, and when in doubt, park elsewhere.
– Pick another ride home if you’ve had “too much fun” (ahem)

Free rides on Sunday & Monday
With everyone and their roommates riding to the festival, we’ll need a little help getting scoots home. Pick up a scoot from the Richmond or Sunset, end your ride at a garage, and we’ll refund your trip!

The fine print:
1. Valid for rides starting after 12:01am Sunday and ending by 4pm on Monday
2. Pick up scoots in the blue zones in the Richmond (between 15th & 25th, South of Geary) or the Sunset (between 19th & 25th)
3. Plug in when you end your ride at a garage
4. Rides will be refunded up to two hours