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One. Million. Electric. Miles.

March 15th, 2016

March 15th, 2016

Scoot just did something really big.

We — as in you, your neighbors, your friends, the guy you wave to on another scoot, every Scoot member who’s ever scooted even an inch — just collectively rode 1,000,000 miles. Yes, that’s a 1 with 6 zeros.



San Francisco is, as we know, 7×7 so scooting one million miles is like riding from SOMA to Ocean Beach 142,857 times. More importantly, get this: if those million miles had been in a car or taxi, there’d be an additional 1.2 million pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere. But there isn’t!

And that’s because our scoots are electric and because our members (that’s you!) share them with all of Scoot Nation. And this means we’re making an impact on the environment, on pollution, and on traffic congestion — and we’re doing it in an affordable, efficient, and fun way. Needless to say, here at Scoot we’re grinning from blinker to blinker.

1.2 million pounds of CO2 is a lot, but hard to imagine. So, what else weighs 1.2 millions pounds?  Three 747s. Or 167 African Forest Elephants. Or 1.2 million La Taqueria burritos.


Riders, we love you

To celebrate, we tracked down the rider who scooted that 1-millionth mile and gave him a rather special gift.

Mike Eppink, a scoot member since September 2014 is a professional massage therapist and uses our scoots daily. We surprised him at the Polk & Bush Scoot garage on Tuesday afternoon to present him with a one-of-a-kind Million Mile Golden Scoot Helmet. And quite a lot of fanfare.

Mike had a few nice things to say on the occasion of receiving the Million Mile Golden Helmet. “Scoot has changed my life in incredible ways — the freedom of being able to go anywhere in the city has helped me grow as a person,” he said. “On top of that, Scoot makes me feel like part of a family. Being awarded this one millionth mile is so wonderful. I’m honored to be able to scoot all over the amazing city of San Francisco!”


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What it takes to get to two commas

We’ve reached this huge milestone 3.5 years after launching. Scoot started with 35 scooters and 4 garages to pick up and drop-off from. Today, we have 400 scoots, along with 10 quads, and parking available inside 45 garages and on the street in neighborhoods all around the city. We’ve made enormous progress and owe a lot to our partnerships with parking garages, city officials, and more than anyone, the enormous and enthusiastic community of riders who scoot day in and day out.

Our Founder, Michael Keating, couldn’t be more pleased. “This is a huge milestone for Scoot, but it’s just the beginning. Our second million is just a few months away. Our service is growing exponentially.”


About Scoot

Launched in 2012, Scoot operates a fleet of 400 electric scooters and mini-cars in San Francisco that anyone can rent by the half-hour or day. Our app lets you find, reserve, and turn on a scoot, drive it wherever you want, and drop it off for the next person when you’re done. We’ve grown to 27 full-time employees: we’re a team of mechanics, software developers, marketers, customer service heroes, and electric vehicle superstars.

If changing urban transportation and helping solve climate change gets you excited, apply to join the team!