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New Garage Spotlight

September 19th, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with Scoot, you know that we’re growing at an awesome pace! In the last few months we’ve added hundreds of new scooters to the fleet, and more than 25 new garages for a total 600+ scoot parking spots all over the city. All these new garages means new neighborhoods for you to explore. We’ve put together a garage spotlight to show you a few of the awesome places you can check out when you park in a new garage!


Laguna & Haight: Almost perfectly in the middle of Lower Haight and Hayes Valley, parking at this garage can provide for hours of new neighborhood exploration!

Walk north into Hayes Valley for killer shopping! Azalea has all the trendiest brands around for both men and women. Undefeated is full of unique sneakers and their sportswear is always top notch. Warby Parker will become your new favorite place to get glasses: they’ve matched high quality with affordability all in a stylish package. Stop by Patricia’s Green when you’re done shopping or take a break at Biergarten once you’ve ended your scoot trip if you’re craving for some great beer in the open air.

Walk west on Haight Street for more restaurants and cafes: Cafe International is a great place to grab a coffee and read in the sunlight on their back patio. Some evenings they even have live music and poetry readings. Rosamunde Sausage Grill is an SF staple for the lovers of quick bites. It doesn’t get much better than top notch bratwurst served with unique toppings on specialty bread! Looking for something a bit more substantial? House of Thai 2 is the perfect place to take someone who’s never had Thai food before. Lots of pictures and easy flavors for an inexperienced palate make for a great first impression of the cuisine. Ijji sushi is a go-to sushi spot for connoisseurs of raw fish: with an extensive menu and high quality omakase, Ijji is worth every penny!


Beach & Columbus: This Fisherman’s Wharf garage is perfect for those who want to experience San Francisco’s top tourist attractions. First and foremost, In N Out. This place is the beloved West Coast burger joint and the only location in San Francisco. Even locals go out of their way and wait in the ludicrous lines for a burger! Musee Mecanique is another great activity in Fisherman’s Wharf. All the retro arcades and genuine nickelodeons that your attention span can handle live in this pier-side warehouse. Pier 39 has a bunch of attractions: from a left-handed store to a 7 Dimensional experience and even an aquarium, you can spend all day here and still feel like you didn’t see it all! Pier 39 is also the home to hundreds of sea lions. Walk to the northwest end of pier 39 and enjoy the sights and sounds (and smells?) while you relax and watch the sea lions do their thing.


Union Square: Thats right! Scoots can now park in the garage directly under Union Square. Although it is a popular tourist destination, Union Square is also a great place to buy some new clothes and eat at unique restaurants. The park itself is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the urban outdoors. People watch, interact with the tourists, or grab a mimosa and a pastry from Emporio Rulli. Right across the street is Apple’s new store boasting a 42’ tall sliding glass door, incredibly modern architecture, and beautiful foliage with a huge living wall. Whether you’re an Apple addict or not, it’s definitely worth taking a stroll around this store. Another amazing flagship location worth checking out is Uniqlo. This Japanese clothing brand makes quality garments at a very affordable price. The store is two levels of wonderful colors. When hunger strikes, you can check out The Rotunda at the top of Neiman Marcus. Sit near the sunny windows and enjoy the view as you eat the many complementary foods offered with every meal. (Pro tip: they have an awesome tea time experience starting at 2:30pm.) If you’re looking for something a bit more casual you can walk into Macy’s and head to the 5th floor for a tasty burger from Burger Bar. Make sure to get the desert burger while you’re up there looking at the hustle and bustle of the people below. Other attractions include the numerous art galleries near Union Square, the ice rink that opens up in the winter months, and an awesome Disney Store to make you feel like a kid again. No matter what sorts of things you like to do, there is something for everyone when you scoot to Union Square!

What are you waiting for? On a scoot, San Francisco is your oyster.