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The new Scoot app is here!

September 11th, 2018

Scoot has come a long way since we first launched. We’ve changed vehicles, added street parking all over downtown, and made it cheaper than ever to get around SF. What’s the one thing throughout this whole journey that has remained constant? The app. Yes, It’s gone through some design changes, we’ve added features you’ve loved, and taken away things we loved (RIP the awesome button,) but foundationally, the app has stayed the same. Until now.


Rolling in with no emissions and a whole lot of spunk the new Scoot app is here to stay. It’s faster, more accurate, and over-all completely redesigned!

Sporting responsive buttons and a react native framework, paired with the new 4G antennas on our scooters; your experience will be faster than ever! It has a shiny new UI complete with support for multiple regions, multiple languages AND multiple vehicles (say hi to kick scooters and e-bikes.) A faster map and brand spanking new animations and illustrations round out the app to make it the fanciest and prettiest app in all of urban mobility.

The new Scoot app is available NOW for Android and iOS! Download it today and take your free ride on Thursday!

P.S. You asked, and we listened. Many riders complained that their rides started automatically after the reservation time lapsed. Your reservation will now end automatically after 15 minutes if a ride is not started during that time, and won’t count as a ride. We’ve also added a “hold” button so that you can elect for billing to automatically start after the 15-minute reservation window. Make sure you tap this button or get to your Scoot before your reservation ends!