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National Garage Employee Appreciation Day!

March 2nd, 2016

National Garage Employee Appreciation Day (or NGEAD for short), is an annual* day set aside to honor the unsung heroes of city transportation and our parking partners who help Scoot bring affordable, zero-emission transportation to thousands of San Franciscans

On Wednesday March 9th, we celebrated this day with a city-wide ride to visit our many Scoot garages!


Scoot staff and riders scooted around San Francisco Wednesday morning with coffee, donuts, gifts, and gratitude to our city’s garages to say thanks. And, to help garage employees commute and get between their garages around town, we gave anyone who works at a garage where Scoots are parked a FREE Scoot membership!

Why do we love our garage partners and their employees so much? They’re the people who:

-Make sure we all have a place to park, even in the busiest parts of town.

-Look after our vehicles for so many hours of every day.

-Give us places to recharge so our scoots and other electric vehicles are ready to go whenever we are.

Garage employees make going places possible. Without them, we’d all just be circling the block.


Why should everyone thank our garage partners?

In order to create and sustain a network of electric scooters, Scoot relies on our garage partners for parking and power. We work with the SFMTA and private parking providers to run the largest private electric transportation service in the country, to maintain the largest fleet of electric vehicles in San Francisco, and to provide the greatest number of electric vehicle charging stations in the city. We owe a lot of that success to our parking partners and NGEAD is all about celebrating the progress we’ve made, and looking toward the future and what we can accomplish together.

What’s coming next?

2016 is an exciting year for Scoot. Together with our parking partners, Scoot will add an additional 700 individual electric vehicle charging spots across San Francisco — bringing our total number of garages where scoots and quads can charge to 1000! We’re working quickly with our many parking partners to triple (yes, 3x!) the availability of our electric vehicles in San Francisco and provide powered parking for our scoots in more areas of the city. In creating this network of scoots, charging locations, and on-street parking, Scoot, the city, and our partners at garages are making it possible for San Franciscans to commute and travel all over town, especially for those who don’t own cars. Meanwhile, access to vehicle sharing, along with public transit, biking, and walking, decreases traffic, improves public safety, and furthers the SFMTA’s goal to shrink city-wide transportation carbon emissions. We all win and we couldn’t do it without the folks at our many garages and the city of San Francisco.

Our special thanks to our parking industry partners:


– ABM Parking

– Ace Parking

– Ameritac Parking

– Impark

– LAZ Parking

– SP Plus

– Valets at NEMA and Jasper (part of Crescent Heights)

– Valets at the San Francisco Bay Club


Thanks for everything you do, from Team Scoot, and the thousands of residents who depend on your garages!

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*Yes, we did just make NGEAD up. But garage employees deserve a holiday, and we like making up holidays. See National Scoot to Work Week!