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The Future of Scooters

April 30th, 2019

As the organizers of the conference said themselves, “Our inaugural Micromobility Summit shattered all expectations, including many of our own lofty ones. It was an incredible showing, comprised of 650+ entrepreneurs, engineers, business leaders, government officials, venture capitalists, and academics, and the entire day from the early AM to the late PM was amply fueled by enthusiasm for the emerging space of micromobility and shared passion for the well-being of our cities and their inhabitants.”

Cory Weinberg from The Information interviews Michael Keating (Founder & President, Scoot), Derrick Ko (CEO, Spin), Sergio Romo (CEO, Grin) and Sanjay Dastoor (CEO, Skip).

Scoot was proud to be a part of this event with our Founder and President, Michael Keating, speaking on one of the most-anticipated panels. Moderated by Corey Weinberg of The Information, the panel included Scoot, Spin, Skip, and Grin.

Listen to their conversation in episode 27 of the Micromobility podcast.

In this episode they cover:

  • The scooter landscape as it was in January, and lessons learned so far
  • Which competitor they respect the most in the space
  • The challenges they’ve faced in scaling, and what they foresee ahead
  • Their changing relationships with cities
  • How OEM’s such as Ford are thinking about the space
  • How each of them think about raising capital, and the different approaches taken
Inaugural Micromobility Summit at Craneway Pavilion in the Bay Area