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How to be a Scoot power user

March 10th, 2018

The Scoot app has plenty of awesome features to make your ride fast and fun. Learn our favorites below and try them the next time you ride for a more seamless riding experience!

Before your ride:

The search-bar: When you open the app, try typing in an address or a business and the app will guide you step-by-step on selecting scoot and parking options.

Scoot Hack: the second scoot option is almost-always a discounted or free scoot. The easiest way to find these scoots is by using the search bar!

Turn on Your Bluetooth: Enabling Bluetooth allows for the Scoot app to talk to the scoot without having to send a signal up to space and back. Bluetooth makes turn-on and turn-off commands happen instantly ⚡

Free overnight reservations: Every night, starting at 9 pm, you can reserve your scoot ’till 9 am the next morning! Learn more here.

During your ride:

Directions: After you’ve selected your garage or swap location, tap the “directions” button at the bottom. This will open up turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps like in the image below.


Make a pit stop: You can park your scoot legally and turn it off while you run an errand. Open up the app and tap “Turn off” when you’re in a legal parking space. To ensure the scoot remains reserved, select “turn-off and keep billing me.” When you’re ready to ride again, turn the scoot on like normal.

Swap a scoot: To swap a low battery scoot for a charged one, select a garage on the map and tap “Show available scoots.” Select another scoot and tap “Set up a swap.” That scoot will remain reserved for you for 15 minutes.

In the menu:

License to Soot: Your License to Scoot is your Scoot badge of honor. Check out your stats and compare with your friends!

Get free rides: In the menu, tap the “Free Invites” button to get your code to give your friends two free hours of riding. If they sign up and take a ride, you’ll get an hour of riding, too.



Looking for more scoot tips? Check out Scoot’s Safety Guide.