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Lunch Scoots For All

October 5th, 2016

Tired of the same food truck for lunch every day? Lucky for you, taking a getaway ride on a scoot expands your lunch options exponentially! We asked three teams at the office for their collective lunch-time favorites and compiled them into a list for YOU.

The Mechanics: Marina Deli and Rhea’s


The Field Techs are always looking for the biggest and best deli sandwiches in the city. Every day, a new deli is discovered and judged on amount of protein, tastiness of dressings, and quality of toppings. Their first favorite, Marina Deli, is a no-frills San Francisco deli with quality ingredients at a great price. They are fast and have a wide variety of bread and protein options! Rhea’s is a bit more of a specialty deli: all of their sandwiches have names like “Buster Posey” or “Valencia St.” and their cheeses and dressings are far from the norm. The vegetarian sandwiches here are also known to be some of the tastiest in the city. Pro tip: In a rush? Check out Rhea’s menu and order for pickup about 10 minutes in advance.

The Marketing Team: HRD and Hot Sauce and Panko


Those of us on the marketing team at Scoot love uniqueness. And what is more unique than fusion restaurants? HRD is a Korean BBQ-joint-meets-taqueria in the best way possible. Their meats are off the charts good and the rice with kimchi and pickled veggies is seriously a match made in heaven. No matter what you order, get a fried egg on top. Don’t ask why, just do it.


Calling chicken wings fusion food is a little bit of a stretch, but the flavors at Hot Sauce and Panko are anything but traditional. You won’t find buffalo on the menu but you will find green wings with cilantro, jalapeno and ginger, or red wings with home-made rooster sauce. Ever heard of ramen wings? Us neither, but the crunch is unlike any other! If you’re extra hungry, get the lunch special. Just $10.99 gets you 6 amazing wings and a huge waffle!

The Tech Team: Hardknox Cafe and El Tonayense


Most of the time, the tech team is on a hard deadline and doesn’t have time to dilly dally. When they need a quick lunch, they scoot to El Tonayense. Their tacos and burritos are basically drowning in El Tonayense’s incredible homemade salsa and sometimes they even hook it up with free avocado! This place is easy to get to and everyone at Scoot agrees that it’s the best quick bite around.

Sometimes however, after an extremely productive couple of days, the tech team takes a long lunch to reflect on their conquests and plan out their next app features. Hardknox Cafe is their first choice not only because the food is incredible, but the portions are massive, too! There are few feelings in this world better than leaving a restaurant with a tummy full of chicken fried steak, country mashed potatoes, fried okra, and old-style mac’n cheese.

If you’re not hungry after reading this then maybe you should take a scoot ride to work up your appetite. If you are hungry after reading this, what are you waiting for? There is a scoot nearby waiting to be your lunch date!