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Where to learn a new skill in SF

January 2nd, 2018

Whether you’ve always wanted to make a candle, become a better cook or learn how to play the ukelele, San Francisco has you covered. Here are a few Scoot-approved places for you to take a fun class and grow your skill set.

Workshop SF: Sporting the motto “drink beer and make stuff,” Workshop SF has the real San Francisco DIY vibe. Learn a crafty skill and take home your very own creation. They offer classes in sewing, brewing, painting, growing, and every other “-ing” we can think of.

18 Reasons: Knowing your way around a kitchen is an invaluable life skill. Whether you want help cooking a 5-star dinner or you just want to learn proper knife skills, 18 Reasons has cooking and food classes for all skill levels. Classes sell out fast, so sign up now!

Acro Sports: Rock climbing is so 2016… Next in line are acrobatics: Learn how to breakdance, become a pro at handstands, and learn how to jump and fall safely in parkour classes. Acro Sports will teach you skills that will increase your fitness and agility in and out of the gym.

The Cheese School: Like rock climbing in 2016, cheese is super hot right now. A little cheese knowledge now will undoubtedly be useful throughout the rest of your life. Classes at The Cheese School are tasty, informative and unique. Just don’t forget your Lactaid!

Blue Bear School of Music: Blue Bear has been teaching folks about music for almost 50 years. Their 11-week classes are intensive and absolutely worth every penny. Blue Bear has classes of all skill levels so even if you consider yourself musically challenged, you’ll find a class that is right for you!

Looking to continue your self-betterment journey? Try our favorite gyms.