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Laurie uses Scoot to run her business & volunteer

January 16th, 2017

Laurie and her boyfriend live in Bernal Heights and she runs her ceramics business from studios in the Bayview and the Fillmore. She loves Scoot as another option, besides her car, to get places that are hard to reach in the city. “It’s nice to not be tied to parking a car every day”, she says.

Laurie uses Scoot to delivery her pottery and to get around to her volunteer job at the SPCA, the flower market and other activities around the city. “It’s an activity in itself and a great way to get around.”

For Laurie, Scoot is a fun and cheap form of transportation. She told us the story of going to a day game for the Giants with her boyfriend. They brought in sandwiches, didn’t drink, and after the game let out, took scoots home to avoid the masses waiting for the bus. “It was an economical day”, she said.

When we asked Laurie what her favorite thing about scooting is she explained, “Honestly, it’s that it’s electric”. She’s super excited by the availability of electric-powered transportation and that “people are getting used to it and having it on a personal scale”. Plus, she likes the flexibility of it and that “you can always just open the app, see what’s available around you, and go for a ride”.

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