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Our Kick Scooter Service Area

October 1st, 2018

WE’RE EXCITED: Scoot is launching kick scooters in San Francisco on October 15th! As you might have imagined, with a new vehicle type comes a new service area. This service area is different than the traditional blue zone because the kicks are completely different vehicles with different abilities and needs. We’ll skip the rest of the small talk and let you see it for yourself.

We’re very excited to announce that Scoot will now be servicing the Bayview! This is a neighborhood Scoot has always wanted to serve but just needed a little time to get there. As part of our mission of Electric Vehicles For Everyone, we hope that kick scooters will allow us to open up more parts of the city to Bayview residents, and eventually, residents of other neighborhoods with less reliable transit options.


What is a service area? 

A service area is where you can pick-up, ride, and drop-off vehicles. Riding or ending your ride in a place where you shouldn’t may result in a rescue fee.

How did Scoot decide this service area?

There are a lot of variables that we consider when developing a service area: topography, population density, proximity to key transit options, amount of vehicles, and more. Our ultimate goal is to have enough vehicles on the road to provide transportation for everyone in San Francisco, but for now, with a cap of 625 kick scooters, this area will ensure we can provide the best service to the most of San Franciscans possible.

Why did you leave out my neighborhood?

Kick scooters are at their best when they are used for short trips. While we want to be able to let you take them all over San Francisco, we also have to make sure that we keep a high density of scooters within the area we decide to serve. A high density means there is always a scoot just a short walk away.

Will this area change? 

Yes. We’ll be monitoring the service area closely and adding/shifting zones as we see appropriate. When the city allows us to bring more kick scooters to SF, it’s very likely that we’ll expand the service area significantly.

Now that you know where you can park, you can learn how to park a kick scooter responsibly! The week of launch (October 15th – October 21st,) tag us in a picture of your scoot in the furniture zone using the hashtag #PerfectlyParkedScoot and we’ll give you a free ride! Make sure your profile is public so we can see it on Instagram or Twitter⚡️