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Kick Scooter Q&A

August 30th, 2018

Our kick scooters are here! Here’s everything you need to know about our new shared electric vehicles:

What is the kick scooter permit?
The permit has been developed by the SFMTA to regulate electric kick scooter operations in San Francisco. The SFMTA has established a permit to allow up to five companies to operate up to 2,500 scooters on SF streets for a year—1,250 for the first six months and the rest after that.

How many kick scooters will Scoot have?
Scoot has been awarded a permit to put 625 kicks on the street for the next 6 months.

Why was Scoot awarded a permit?
Scoot submitted the application as per the rules set forth by the SFMTA. We submitted a highly detailed application so that decision-makers could be fully informed as they tackled a difficult decision.

When will the kick scooters be on the road?
We will begin to release the kicks into the field soon. You will be able to find them and reserve them in the app, just like you always have with our motor scooters.

How much will they cost?
It is only $1 to unlock a kick scoot and then 10¢/minute after that. As always, there is no surge pricing and they are free to park at your destination in the service area.

Can I use my existing Scoot account?
Yes! That’s the beauty of our multi-modal service. One app gives you access to a variety of custom electric vehicles to give you the ride you want, when you want it.

Do I need a license?
Yes, Just like our motor scooters, you must be 18 and have a valid US driver’s license to drive our kick Scooters.

Where can I pick up and drop off a kick scooter?
Like always, simply look in your Scoot app to see where all vehicles are located. Tap on a kick to locate, reserve and turn it on. Kicks are parked on the sidewalk.