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A guide: How to park kick scooters responsibly

October 1st, 2018

“Where is the best place to park my kick scooter?” You ask? Well, we’ll tell you!

Introducing the furniture zone! The furniture zone is the space between lamp posts, public trash cans, bike racks, etc. It’s also the best place to park your kick scooter because it is out of the way but still totally accessible! Here are five quick steps you can take to ensure that you’re always parked perfectly.

  • Pull over somewhere safe. Once you’ve reached your destination within the service area, take a quick look all around you and make sure there are no vehicles in your path to pulling over. Then, ride between two parked cars or walk your scooter up a driveway to the curb. Remember, never ride your scooter on a sidewalk.
  • Locate secure infrastructure like a bike rack or a street sign where you will lock the kick. Avoid locking kicks to parking meters or in the way of the sidewalk path. When you block a sidewalk path, you could be ruining someone’s day. Do not lock where there are painted curbs, fire hydrants, or at bus stop infrastructure. Check out all of the SFMTA’s parking regulations here.
  • Open the app and follow the steps to secure your scooter to the infrastructure and end your ride. Avoid locking Kicks at parking meters or other structures that a scoot can be easily removed from. Double check that you’re parked responsibly and end your ride. You will be prompted to take a picture. Taking a picture of the scooter helps Scoot keep our users accountable for safe parking.

Remember that the city granted us this permit because we have set an example for working with our users to ensure that we maintain a high level of accountability. Please set a good example for others and always park your scoot responsibly.