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Kick parking 101

March 25th, 2019

Our new high-tech locks are working great to help keep kicks out of the way and ready for the next rider. In partnership with our friends at the SFMTA, we want to share the most up-to-date guidelines for safely riding and parking kicks.

When parking your kick:

  • Do lock the kick securely. Kicks should be upright, parallel to the rack, and within the footprint of the bicycle racks. Kicks should not block the path of travel, access to other street furniture or amenities, or hang over the curb into the street.
  • Do leave space for other riders to use the bike racks. Park a maximum of two scooters on one side of each inverted U-rack. At larger corrals or in areas where there are multiple racks, only use 50% of the rack space total.
  • Do not lock your scooter to another vehicle on the rack.

When riding your scooter on the Embarcadero,

  • Do ride in the bike lanes along the Embarcadero.
  • Do not ride on the Promenade path of the Embarcadero.

With the help of our full-time mechanics and our respectful riders, we can ensure that kicks are parked and ridden properly!