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The 13 mile rule: keeping scoots charged

November 25th, 2015

Everyone wants a scoot with lots of battery. And we heard your feedback that finding scoots in your neighborhoods with enough battery was becoming difficult. We took those comments, we crunched the numbers, and we came up with a new system to help.

Our new feature, the 13 mile rule, will allow scoots to recharge before they leave Scoot Locations.

Here’s how it works:
Scoots picked up at Scoot charging locations with less than 13 miles of charge can only be dropped off at other Scoot charging locations so they can continue recharging. They cannot be dropped off on the street.

We’re doing this so that most scoots you see on the street will have enough juice for at least one more ride. You’ll be able to scoot more often, which is the point of everything we do here at Scoot. So go grab a charged scoot from your nearest Scoot garage and drop it off in your neighborhood with plenty of juice for the next rider. They, and we, will love you for it.

Likely-to-be-asked questions:

Q: What if there is only one scoot left at a Scoot Location and it hasn’t charged up to 13 miles yet, and I really need to ride it to a neighborhood where there’s no scoot charging. Can I take it?
A: You can, but only if you take it to another scoot location, plug it in, and swap for a scoot with more than 13 miles of charge. Leaving a low-battery scoot on the street in your neighborhood isn’t nice to other riders who need charged scoots to get where they need to go.

Q: What if a scoot has less than 13 miles of range, is parked at a Scoot Location, but it isn’t charging. Can I ride that one and end my ride on the street?
A: No, but you could plug it in! Then it could charge up and be ridden out to the neighborhoods later with plenty of juice for more rides. Or you could ride it to another Scoot location that has charging and plug it in there. That would be awesome.

Q: Does this mean that scoots parked on the street with less than 13 miles of charge have to be ridden to garages and plugged in? 
A: No. This only applies to scoots parked at Scoot Locations like garages and other places where Scoot has dedicated parking spaces. As usual, scoots parked on the street with 3 miles of charge or more can be ridden and dropped off on the street or at a Scoot Location. Also as usual, scoots parked on the street with less than 3 miles of charge can only be ridden to charging locations, and those rides are free.

Q: Is this really going to help me get more scoots? Having to wait until scoots recharge sounds annoying.
A: It is going to help so much. The only way for a scoot parked on the street to have enough charge is if the rider who dropped it off left enough charge in the battery, or if the Scoot Fairy comes at night and takes its dead battery and leaves a fresh one. We have a whole crew of Scoot Fairies working right now, but they can only recharge so many scoots, so the best thing we can all do is make sure scoots recharge before they unplug and head out to the streets.