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Scoot’s industry leading hourly wages and jobs training

February 19th, 2019

In our upcoming report to the SFMTA, Scoot is proud to highlight that our average monthly wage for our San Francisco fleet team is $22.51/hour. Amidst stories of mobility gig workers suffering pay cuts or being paid below minimum wage, we are more committed than ever to running Scoot’s fleet operations with full-time mechanics who have full benefits and equity in the company.

Scoot hires from the community and offers a comprehensive Jobs Training Program for mechanics with four levels of training. We also partner with local neighborhood groups and organizations, like Positive Resource Center (PRC) and Young Community Developers (YCD). Since launching kick scooters in SF in October 2018, Scoot has hired an additional 13 full-time members to our fleet team. Our SF fleet team now has over 40 full-time members with skills ranging from entry-level Fleet Drivers to advanced Lead Mechanics and Shift Supervisors.

In addition to the industry-leading hourly wage, all full-time fleet members receive full company sponsored medical, dental and vision insurance, paid holidays, stock options, an employee 401k plan, and unlimited free scooting as a benefit.

If this training program sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to check out our Job Training Program to turn your passion for wrenching into qualified mechanical skills.

More about our Jobs Training Program
Through our Jobs Training Program, people can join at an entry-level swapping batteries and graduate through the program to highly-skilled mechanics, who work on all models of our vehicles from kick scooters to electric motor scooters. We seek individuals at all skill levels and are willing to teach from the ground up.

The four levels of training include:

  • Fleet Driver: Battery swapping, vehicle inspection and diagnosis in the field
  • Field Service Technician: Vehicle diagnosis and repairs in the field + basic tech training
  • Shop Mechanic: Basic vehicle repairs in the shop + advanced tech training
  • Shift Supervisor/Lead Mechanic: Advanced vehicle repairs in the shop + senior tech training

Additional skills we look for in candidates include a DIY attitude, familiarity with their city, and being a brand ambassador that positively represents Scoot within the community. To apply for a role in our fleet team the process is as simple as applying online, completing a phone interview, and following up with an on-site meeting with the team. For some positions, a specific skills test is part of the process as well.

How do I apply?
To see a full listing of roles and apply, please visit