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How we choose our neighborhoods

October 24th, 2018

We have been getting a lot of questions about which neighborhoods Scoot serves and why. Here are some answers to help you understand our current service, and how it will expand in the future.

Our Kick Service Area

For our Scoot Kicks, we are serving parts of the city that are flat, busy, and in need of new transportation options. That actually describes a lot of parts of San Francisco (or at least a lot of the parts between our famous hills), but we aren’t letting people ride and drop off Kicks in all of those areas yet. The main reason for that is we can only legally put 625 Kicks onto the street in SF. That will expand to 1250 next year, but that number is still tiny compared to the hundreds of thousands of cars in San Francisco, and the hundreds of thousands of people who would like to Scoot.

Right now, you can find, ride, and park Kicks in the Castro, Duboce, Lower Haight, SOMA, FiDi, North Beach, the Mission, the Dogpatch, the Bayview, La Lengua, and the Excelsior. When we get more Kick permits next year, we will add more neighborhoods.

For our Scoot Mopeds, which are faster, have longer range, and are better at climbing hills, our focus has been on the busiest neighborhoods in the northeast of the city, and on the busier streets in the northwest. We like busy areas because we want Scoots to be used by as many people as possible. We just expanded our moped fleet with hundreds of new vehicles and are considering adding more neighborhoods.

Our goal is to serve the whole city with an awesome mix of Kicks, mopeds, and eventually electric bicycles and other types of electric vehicles. The more vehicles we can offer, and the more types of vehicles we can offer, the more people and places can Scoot.