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How to hold your scoot

August 15th, 2017

Scooting is freedom. Freedom to stop along the way, visit a friend, pick up groceries or grab a coffee. Driving yourself means that you are in charge of your route and your pit stops and never get stuck circling the block waiting for your ride share.

Here’s a recap of an easy errand scoot:

  1. Reserve a scoot and start your ride.
  2. When stopping along the way, park your scoot in a legal spot (no painted curbs!). Remember, you can park for free between car meters and at motorcycle meters. Turn off your scoot, but don’t end your ride.
  3. During your errand, your scoot will stay reserved to you and ready to go when you are! After your first 30 minutes of scooting, you will be charged just 10¢ per minute while your scoot is on hold.
  4. Don’t forget to stop on the way home to grab some flowers for your lover/roomie/mom!
  5. When you reach your final destination and are ready to end your ride, pick a garage or street parking in a blue zone. Pay attention to all street signs.

There’s always room to park a scoot outside a shop, restaurant or doctors office. Try this a few times and you’ll be amazed how easy and convenient it is!