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How to dress for winter on a scoot

January 21st, 2018

Just ’cause winter is coming doesn’t mean you’re going to rely on other forms of transportation right? Just like scoots, our riders are tough enough to brave all kinds of weather with a little preparation. We’ve wrangled together a few of our favorite clothing items you can buy around town to keep your San Francisco adventures rolling even in the cooler weather.

Upper Body

What matters most for upper body warmth is that you’re windproof and water resistant. Your top layer should be a balance of comfort and utility like the Mission Workshop Eiger (2). Not only is it super fashionable but it’s made of hi-tech materials that keep you dry and folds into a neat little ball that can be shoved into your backpack with ease. The Chrome Industries Hybrid Hoodie (1) is a perfect middle layer because it is thin enough to allow movement but when paired with a top layer, keeps you really warm. If you’re looking for versatility, Mission Workshop’s Linear Crew Neck (3) keeps you warm when you need it, and cool when you don’t. Plus, the weave of the shirt makes it fast drying in case of a little rain or sweat. Windproof gloves are also a must. We’re addicted to our Tanner Goods Driver Gloves (4) because they are classic, functional, and extremely high quality. If you need something to hide your helmet hair during the day, Topo Deigns Ragg Cap (5) is our first choice because of its modern weave and traditional style.

Lower Body

When it comes to the legs, most people are warm enough in jeans. However, if the wind penetration is too much for you, REI’s lightweight long underwear (1) will be your lifesavers. They provide warmth on a scoot but simply feel like a cozy embrace for the rest of the day. Some of us at Scoot live in our long underwear during the winter months! Speaking of living in one piece of clothing, Levi’s Commuter Jeans (2) are so comfortable and functional, you’re going to want to wear them every day. From water repellency to comfort stretch and reflective cuffs, these jeans are the ultimate garment for commuting.

Keeping your toes warm during your ride is also crucial. We recommend Chrome’s socks (3). They are warm, not too thick, and have a left and a right sock to ensure the perfect fit. Chrome also makes killer boots (4) that will last you a long time even in the harshest conditions. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, the Vans Sk8-Hi MTE (5) rethinks the classic Vans silhouette that many know and love and, through premium construction, adds water resistance, warm insoles, extra grippy outsoles, and all-around durability for the winter months.