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Scoot to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

September 25th, 2017

A city-wide favorite, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass brings everyone out to dance, picnic and enjoy the beauty of Golden Gate park. Beat the traffic and spend more time sun basking by riding a scoot to the festival. Read on for our tips on how to be a smart and safe festival scooter.


How to be a good festival scooter

– Park legally at least two feet from any driveway or vehicle
– Read parking signs and give us the correct street cleaning info
– Use Plan My Trip and look out for free or discounted scoots
-Pick another ride home if you’ve been drinking

Gather your pals and make a day of it. If your friends don’t scoot yet, don’t forget to share your promo code with them! They get a free signup and you get a free hour of credit when they take their first ride. You can find your personal code in your app under Menu>Free Invites.

Scoot to the music!