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A quick firmware update for our kicks

April 17th, 2019

Starting today, Scoot will be returning all of our kick scooters to home base for an important firmware update and some service improvements. The process of updating our firmware will keep our kicks offline for a few days.

Since Scoot launched kick scooters in San Francisco we have taken steps to secure our vehicles via our smart lock feature. This firmware update will further reduce the potential for theft and is an important step in improving our vehicles and ensuring they will continue to be available to ride every day.

Securing our vehicles means Scoot can continue to provide the best service to our riders. Scoot maintains a high level of theft protection for our kick scooters through our proprietary hardware and firmware applications, as well as our industry-first infrastructure lock.

We expect that our kicks will start returning to service starting early next week.

Our mopeds will be unaffected by this update, so enjoy a ride while the kicks are offline!

Thanks for riding with us ⚡️