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Our Favorite Public Art Installations

July 20th, 2016

Street art is a prevalent part of San Francisco’s unique culture. You will be hard pressed to find an American city with more public art installations per square foot than San Francisco. The following is a collection of our favorite pieces of public art in the city that are hard to get to on foot but easy to scoot to! Reserve your scoot, invite a friend, and get out there!

1. Clarion Alley: The Mission
1. Clarion-Alley

An obvious choice, Clarion Alley is a collection of colorful murals in the middle of the Mission District. From the pavement below your feet to the street lamps above you, this long alley has art everywhere you look.


2. UN Plaza’s Sound Commons: Civic Center

3. un plaza

With help from The Exploratorium, The UN plaza recently installed this long boardwalk of chimes and xylophones. Stretching along both sides of the plaza, this unique installation invites passers-by to make their own harmony of sounds for all of the bystanders to enjoy. The exhibit is open 8am – 7pm seven days a week.

3. Flying Pianos (Caruso’s Dream): SOMA

4. Floating pianos

13 glass pianos hang over the 9th street sidewalk as part of Caruso’s Dream. Partly inspired by Italian vocalist, Enrico Caruso, and partly by a legendary piano used to fill a Mission Street pothole, this light up sculpture is truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Eagle’s Point Labyrinth: Land’s End



We like to imagine this labyrinth was slowly weathered and carved by the ocean tides. Truthfully it was made by an artist in 2004 and is rumored to be maintained by a secret entity. Perhaps that is why this labyrinth has such a peaceful aura to it.

5. The Yoda Fountain: The Presidio

Guarding the Lucasfilm lobby in The Presidio is a Yoda fountain that is as massive as it is awe inspiring. The lobby is open to the public during regular weekday business hours and features life-size Darth Vader. Stop inside and take a break on the couches while you flip through the many Star Wars and Indiana Jones books they have.

6. The Wave Organ: The Marina

7. wave organ

The Wave Organ is so cool, we’ve covered it before. Another public art installation by the Exploratorium, this outdoor sound sculpture sits at the northernmost point of the Marina. Visit this structure and listen to the waves unlike ever before. Check out our ride about the wave organ for more information.

What are you waiting for- Get out there and start exploring. San Francisco is your playground and Scoot is your best friend!