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Press Release: Scoot’s e-bikes a success so far in Barcelona

November 14th, 2018

Scoot has rolled out its full fleet of over 750 electric bicycles in Barcelona and is the only free-floating shared e-bike provider in the city. Demand has been strong, with thousands of riders signing up and riding in the early months. In September, each e-bike was already being ridden 6 times a day.


The pedal assist feature of Scoot’s e-bikes makes them a favorite for riders in Barcelona. Traditional bike sharing companies see bikes collect in the low-lying areas of the city and need to redistribute them nightly to the uphill neighborhoods. Scoot’s electric pedal assist allows riders to happily jump on an e-bike whether they are heading uphill or not. This has meant that Scoot does not need to use trucks to redistribute vehicles on a nightly basis, and vehicles are more consistently available throughout the city.

“Our new shared e-bike has all the best qualities of a Scoot: it’s fun, it’s easy to ride, it’s fast, and anyone can afford to use it,” said Scoot Founder & CEO, Michael Keating.

Scoot’s e-bikes have been designed with an integrated lock that has been well-received by riders and city officials alike. The riders are required to lock e-bikes to a bike rack or approved infrastructure at the end of their ride and are shown how to properly do so through the Scoot app. This process has helped avoid the disorder seen with other free-floating bike shares and has led to an extremely low complaint rate.

“We are extremely proud of the development of our service in Barcelona and of how both the local administration and its citizens welcomed our service from the very beginning. We are in Barcelona for the long term and wish to be complementary to the cities we enter. Locking our vehicles to infrastructure has been paramount to the successful operation of the city,” said Enrico Sargiacomo, Scoot General Manager for Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city known for its public art. Keeping with this tradition, Scoot hosted a number of successful community events where local graphic designers and young illustrators came together to collaborate on the design of Scoot’s next e-bike fairings. Events have been hosted in partnership with FiuHouse and the Hey Studio team. The winning design by Alejandro Alonso was selected for the freshness of his design, and for capturing in his illustration the multicultural vibe of Barcelona.

About Scoot:

Launching Scoot’s multi-modal fleet of e-bikes and electric motor scooters in Barcelona was a first step in Scoot’s global expansion. The company expects to see similarly strong results from its recent launch in Santiago, Chile ( With the addition of electric kick scooters into their multimodal fleet in San Francisco last month, riders can expect to get more value from Scoot’s single app, as Scoot is able to serve more of their urban mobility and last mile needs.