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#DoingThings with Outdoor Voices

December 1st, 2017

Think you’re seeing blue? You are! Outdoor Voices has wrapped 20 of our scoots for the month of December. They look special but ride just like the scooty red ones.

Outdoor Voices, the activewear company, has launched in San Francisco! They’re all about sweating and being active for fun – they call it #DoingThings. Scoot loves being out in the world and exploring new places. We’re a match made in heaven!

Even more fun is that when you post a picture on Twitter or Instagram of a blue OV scoot with the hashtag #OVScoots they’ll give you $20 to spend at their shop in Hayes Valley. Just show your post at the register to redeem your credit. Tag @ScootNetworks and we’ll give you a free ride, too!

Hop on an OV scoot next time you spot one and go do those things you love to do.