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Diana turns 30 — and her friends are the best

October 28th, 2015

Oh the things people use Scoot for! A while back we got an email from Rafael, a husband wanting to surprise his wife Diana on her 30th birthday with a scoot ride. He wrote in:

My wife, Diana, and I have been big Scoot fans for a while now. Diana was a pretty early adopter, and spreads the Scoot gospel to anyone who will listen. She’s turning 30 in a few weeks and I want to do something special for her…”

So naturally, together we organized a surprise birthday party for Diana.

On Diana’s actual birthday, 11 of her friends secretly met up at the DMV near the Panhandle for a private scoot lesson. Meanwhile, Rafael told Diana to grab a scoot and they went off on a ride. Diana didn’t realize anything was going on, until Rafael steered them toward the DMV, where her friends were all waiting, already scoot-certified!

As he wrote in afterward:

“We we circling them and honking a bunch, and she was VERY surprised to see them all, it was great! That was probably the highlight for me, since it had been a lot of work to keep it a secret for so long.”

All together 13 of them now were on scoots, ready for a day of riding and celebrating Diana’s 30th birthday. They decked her out in birthday decorations: a crown, streamers, a cape, and some (short-lived) balloons.


As Rafael put it: “After everyone was certified, and Diana was on her properly decorated Scoot with streamers, and wearing her crown adorned helmet, we were ready to hit the streets.”

And here’s why Scoot Nation, you’re all just the BEST: those of you who know how to scoot want to make sure your friends have the best time possible and you take extra care to plan, prepare, and lead everyone through a day like this. It’s just one more piece of our “network effect”: that the people of Scoot Nation love it, and want to spread that love more and more.

With that in mind, Rafael had picked a route that newbies to Scoot wouldn’t find daunting and helped their friends get comfortable riding. They scooted from the DMV up Page St. towards Golden Gate Park. Riding through the park is something special: if you haven’t experienced it yet, we highly recommend going for that ride.  They went through the park and all the way out to Ocean Beach and Cliff House.


They scooted back toward Noe Valley and grabbed lunch at Lovejoy’s Tea Room. Rafael told us that next, if they’d had more time, they were planning to ride to the top of Twin Peaks. Big groups through sometimes mean a slower ride, so that had to wait until next time.


Diana and Rafael sent in great feedback about riding in groups. They learned a few things and we thought everyone might benefit from reading ’em:

Having a mix of new and experienced riders helps: It’s better if everyone isn’t scooting for the first time in a big group.  Make sure some of you have scooted before and practice ahead of time with a solo ride or a ride in a pair.

• Plan ahead and pick a leader:  Make sure everyone knows the exact route before you head out and always have the leader at the front. It’s easy to get separated (with a group of 13 it’s bound to happen!) and it’s not fun (or safe) to have to always check behind you and make sure everyone’s together.

• Don’t run yellow lights: To that effect, in a big group, stopping when the light turns yellow means you won’t get separated nearly as much. Plus, that way you’re all sitting at the red light together and you get a chance to chitchat (scoot-chat?).

• Move over and wait: If you do need to regroup, pull over and wait for everyone in designated loading areas, empty parking spots, and the like — not the bike lane or bus stops!

You’ll need more time: Give yourselves way more time than you think you’ll need if you have a destination in mind. Riding in a large group always takes longer and you don’t want to feel rushed.

Overall, Rafael told us, “The event was a big success (thanks largely to Helga who coached everyone!). Thanks again to everyone involved making Diana’s 30th birthday special.”

And then to top it all off, we got this note from Diana:

“I was SO excited about my scoot surprise — it was thrilling.  In my utopia, there will be scoots for everyone! It was especially sweet to get my friends to scoot for me, as I am obsessed with Scoot and talk about it all the time, but my friends were kind of starting to roll their eyes at me when i would bring it up for the thousandth time. Thanks again- best birthday ever!”

All of this — from birthday surprising, to crowns and capes on scoots, to 13 friends riding together, to people exploring new parts of town in new ways — makes us here at Scoot HQ feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. And yes Diana, our utopia also has zillions and zillions of scoots 🙂

Scoot on, Scoot Nation!

Want to organize your own birthday? Email and we’ll help you out!