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Continued support by SFMTA for Scoot's parking permit pilot program

May 8th, 2018

On May 1, 2018, the SFMTA Board of Directors met to review the pilot program for a first-ever shared electric vehicle parking permit in San Francisco. An SF Examiner article covering the hearing makes note, that at a time when much controversy “… and ire are publicly hurled at the e-scooters (Bird, Spin), moped company Scoot is quietly working hand-in-hand with The City’s permitting process… The end result? Moped use is booming.”

In June 2017, Scoot worked with the city of SF to establish the pilot program. This pilot project created a new permit sticker that allows Scoot to prepay for our riders’ right to:

  • Park on the line between metered car spaces without feeding the meter
  • Park at motorcycle meters without feeding the meter
  • At any legal spot in residential zones

With this pilot program, the SFMTA demonstrated their leadership in supporting affordable electric transportation, reducing air pollution, decreasing traffic, and providing more parking for people who need cars in San Francisco.

At the close of the hearing, SFMTA Board of Directors Vice Chair Malcolm Heinicke exclaimed, “What you’re saying is, they’re (Scoot) succeeding even though they came to us as an agency first? That’s a little lesson…”

We are happy to be working with the SFMTA in our continued commitment to multimodality, sustainability, and “Collaborative planning & Enjoyable cities”.

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